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We at All Pets Animal Clinic are very concerned about pain management in pets. In keeping with this theme in our clinic, we have added the latest technology for joint and soft tissue pain problems, the Companion Therapy Laser. This laser reduces swelling in joints and soft tissues which dramatically reduces pain caused by the pressure. Treatments last 3 to 6 minutes per site and require no anesthesia. Your pet will be very comfortable as this laser produces only slight warmth in the inflamed tissue. Laser Therapy for chronic conditions require 6 treatments to get your pet to a very comfortable situation. Booster treatments are then required every 4 to 12 weeks afterwards to maintain the reduced pain.

If your pet is currently on a drug to reduce swelling and / or pain, we would like you to know of this therapy. This treatment may reduce or eliminate the need for injections or oral medications.

Has your pet shown an intolerance to the medicines used to treat pain or has your pet shown incomplete pain reduction? If so, your pet is a candidate for this therapy. Please call one of our staff, or talk to one of our veterinarians about this technology.

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Around eight weeks of age, it's time for your cat or dog to get their vaccinations. This is also time to lay the groundwork for good pet care.

During your first visit, we will discuss parasite control as well as house training. These are subjects we use to educate people, working on behavior issues from a preventive standpoint when the animal is young. We also look at adult animals for internal medicine cases and dermatology cases. In either instance, everything is handled on a case-to-case basis.


A new way to give your pet convenient, state-of-the-art veterinary care at affordable prices. These straight forward, all-in-one packages are priced at a fraction of normal costs, assuring that your pet will receive more for less. No matter which value pack you choose, your best friend will always receive thorough, professional care, with lots of TLC!

All packages include a comprehensive physical exam and professional consultation, as well as a fecal test for intestinal parasites and FREE Rabies Vaccination. In addition to these services, you may choose from varying levels of vaccination and wellness testing to suit your pet's individual needs.



Complete in-House Pharmacy

Our animal clinic can dispense antibiotics and medicines as well as parasite control medications. These medications include topical and internal medicine as well as heartworm prevention medications - all available from trusted brands.

In addition, we carry prescription diet foods to fit your pets' specific dietary needs. This includes food for cats with urinary problems and foods for pets with hypoallergenic needs.

Complete Laboratory

When your pet is in need of a complete blood count, our animal clinic has a hematology machine on-site that uses laser technology. With this, we receive results in as little as 20 minutes. This lets us handle pre-surgical screenings, get the results back rapidly, and get treatment started right away.

Our vet can practice better medicine because we get complete results almost immediately. In fact, because we have a chemistry analyzer to test your pets' liver, kidneys, and all of their internal organs, we can screen thyroids and cortisol and conduct endocrinology testing. This delivers the highest level of care to your pets.


Our highly trained doctors and fully equipped high-tech surgery suites ensure your pet's safety during and after surgery. We use monitoring equipment to track your pet's vital signs and high quality anesthesia in a sterile environment to minimize risk.


All Pets Animal Clinic offers dentistry services for your pet. Our wide range of services include cleaning, ultrasonic scaling, fluoride treatments, extractions. Ask us about the dental products we have available for your pet.


We invite you to tour our state-of-the-art boarding facility. Our modern dog and cat rooms provide a relaxing environment for your pet. Clean, comfortable runs and cages give your dog an atmosphere of home. Skylights allow natural light both day and night. Dogs are walked twice daily in our spacious exercise yard. A prescription diet is provided for boarders that do not bring their own food.

Our cat room includes "kitty" condos that allow cats to get plenty of exercise in peaceful surroundings. Pets that stay five or more nights receive a complimentary bath and nail trim. Baths are given in our state-of-the-art HYDRO BATH SYSTEM which lifts dead skin, fleas, and loose hair.

Your pet will enjoy the comforts of home with soft music played throughout the day and personalized attention from our friendly staff. If your pet should incur any medical problems while "visiting", immediate care will be provided.

Rest assured! Our security system is directly linked to our local police and fire stations. After a stay at ALL PETS ANIMAL CLINIC your best friend will be happy and healthy.